Recycled Records

An authentic downtown Springfield landmark is up for sale. Mark and Gary Kessler, co-owners of Recycled Records, are hoping to find a buyer for the used record store they began 40 years ago using a portion of their parent's furniture store.

Honor Flight

Land of Lincoln Honor Flight, part of the national Honor Flight network, has flown more than 3,500 central Illinois veterans to Washington, D.C. since 2009, including 76 more on Tuesday, Sept. 12. They visited the World War II Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial and the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial, along with Arlington National Cemetery and other historic sites. For the men and women who served, the flight offers honor, and for some, closure, and it was a privilege to document the day.

The Black Sheep Cafe

The owners of Springfield's Black Sheep Cafe, a popular "do-it-yourself" music venue celebrating their 12th anniversary, and uncertain about its future.

The 2017 solar eclipse

For me, what happens in space is in the abstract. It's impossible to relate to the movement of sun, moon and the stars. But during a total solar eclipse on August 21, standing at a point in Southern Illinois where totality lasted longer than anyplace else in the U.S. (granted, by milliseconds), it was no longer an abstract concept. Watching the moon slowly slip across the face of the sun, in perfect alignment, and cast the world around me into the dim light of totality, was magical. 

Extraordinary effort

The extraordinary story of the group effort to save David Burtle's life after he suffered a massive heart attack during a group bicycle ride, hit close to home. Although I wasn't there the night David collapsed, I frequently ride with David and the others who were there that particular evening. Six individuals, including three doctors also on the ride, administered CPR or monitored David for almost 25 minutes until paramedics arrive. David is alive today recovering at home with his wife Missie.

Vigil for Andre

Karla Booker is held by friends Kiayla Coakley, left, and Briana Kirkham, at a candle light vigil in Comer Cox park for Andre Booker, Karla's older brother who was shot and killed at the park Wednesday. Nineteen-year-old Andre was a college student, the victim of retaliation for another murder, police said. He wasn't a suspect, they added, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stella blue

This is a recent collaboration with Stella Cole: Springfield girl, talented young actress, college-bound teenager, and as sweet in manner as her smile implies. 

Red wave

Spring's early blooming ornamentals such redbud, magnolia, cherry and pink flowering crab, as well as the ground cover, purple henbit, had me seeing red.

Honor flight

"I know it’s an honor, and I know there are many, many, many veterans who deserve that honor. It’s a privilege,” says Ogden Munroe, a Navy veteran of the  Korean War who will be on the season's first Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

Story tellers

Emma Wilson and Dave Heinzel’s latest collaboration is the short film “Sarah” about a 19-year-old coping with an unremarkable life in her small Midwestern hometown.
The Springfield artists previously worked together on “The Studio Show,” a YouTube program that featured interviews with local artists, along with sketch comedy and short films. 

The story of 'Hotel Hell'

Aaron Pinkston-El, right, will draw on nearly 40 years in prison for his role in “A Day in Stateville,” an inmate-written performance about the infamous state penitentiary near Joliet. Reginald Dale, left, a former inmate himself and founder of Citizens United for Justice and Order, organized Sunday’s performance, which will be held at Ms. D’s Kitchen.

A new bridge at Meredosia

The bridge that carries Illinois 104 over the Illinois River at Meredosia opened in 1936. Its presence on Main Street in the middle of the business district gives the river community a unique character. That will change when a new $75.1 million bridge under construction opens next summer and the old bridge is demolished.